"Calm the waves of thoughts and emotions that distort your perception of reality. Then in superconsciousness you will behold everything as it really is."

Paramahansa Yogananda

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"Meditation is easy to learn and practice. The procedure has nothing in common with self-hypnosis, autosuggestion, or endeavors to produce mental phenomena or pleasant moods to comfort the mind or create a false sense of reality. 
Meditation is practiced by withdrawing attention from environmental conditions, physical sensations, emotions, and mental processes so that one´s essence of being can be clearly apprehended."

"Yoga [transcendent superconsciousness] is realized when fluctuations in the individualized field of awareness cease."

Patanjali´s Yoga-Sutra 1:2

"Self-discipline, will power, noble desire, controlled speech, devotion, steadfastness, courage, patience, cheerfulness, and simplicity and moderation in natural living are some of the basic prerequisites of a spiritual and happy life. The senses should be used to fulfill their normal functions, always with spiritual idealism while abiding in God-communion. Perceptions of the phenomenal world become spiritual experiences when the senses are inspired and governed by the soul."

Lahiri Mahasaya

kriya yoga

"Kriya ... means action. For the practitioner of yoga, kriyas are productive actions implemented to accomplish chosen purposes and the transformative, regenerative actions which spontaneously occur in the body and mind when obvious spiritual awakening has occurred. 
The word Yoga ... is commonly used to refer to procedures which harmonize the interactions of body, mind, and soul. 
In the Yoga-Sutra ... the meaning is twofold: procedures to be learned and practiced; clarified states of awareness which may be experienced by attentive, knowledgeable practice."

"Austerity, study of sacred texts and application of what is learned, and surrender to God is kriya yoga.
Kriya Yoga is practiced to resist, weaken, and remove all physical and mental obstacles to God-realization."

Patanjali´s Yoga-Sutra 2:1,2

An enlightened person, not influenced by subliminal tendencies and ever aware of the difference between the essence of being and the actions of the mind, body, and nature, is not blindly involved with thoughts, emotions, relationships, or circumstances. Life can then be lived wisely, creatively, and spontaneously.

Roy Eugene Davis



"The external [Yamas] practices remove obstructions to the soul´s inclination to be expressive and provide the foundation for effective and progressive authentic spiritual growth."

The resisting and mastery of harmful impulses and habits by choice, will power, and replacing them with the opposite characteristics of:

  • harmlessness;
  • truthfulness;
  • honesty;
  • conservation and transformation of vital forces;
  • and renunciation of attachments which makes possible appropriate relationships and prudent use of available resources.

"Complete spiritual enlightenment restores our consciousness to its original, pure wholeness. ... Spiritual growth can be quickened by our intensive (concentrated) right endeavors - performance of essential, productive actions and avoidance of nonessential activities and relationships."

Roy Eugene Davis



"The internal [Niyamas] practices remove obstructions to the soul’s inclination to be expressive and provide the foundation for effective and progressive authentic spiritual growth."

  • Physical and environmental cleanliness and mental purity;
  • the cultivation of soul contentment in all circumstances;
  • attitude and behavioral modification to effect psychological transformation;
  • Self-analysis, metaphysical study, and meditative contemplation to apprehend one´s true essence and the reality of God;
  • and compliant surrender of the illusional sense of selfhood in favor of awakening to awareness and realization of transcendent realities.

yogasthah kuru karmani

Bhagavad Gita 2.48

"So long as our awareness is clouded or fragmented, psychological transformation and spiritual growth endeavors are our necessary duties. The results of our right endeavors are due to unfoldments of soul qualities and are not the direct effects of our actions. The ideal approach is to do what must be done without anxiety about the outcome and without claiming the results to be of our own doing. Because right endeavor contributes to success on the awakening path, our role is to do what is necessary as a disinterested observer of both the actions and their results. The key is to be established in yoga, the Samadhi of Self-knowledge.

Roy Eugene Davis - The Eternal Way

Please note: All quotes on these pages are from the books Seven Lessons in Conscious Living,  In the Sanctuary of Silence and The Eternal Way from Roy Eugene Davis published by CSA Press.  For more information please have a look at Center for Spiritual Awareness.


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